Agent Performance Management Value Index

The Ventana Research Value Index: Agent Performance Management in 2012 is the distillation of more than two decades of experience and knowledge of the market and the analysis of technology supplier product research efforts by Ventana Research, the premier benchmark research and advisory services firm. Built on a foundation of 10 years of business and technology research, this unbiased fact-based index is the first such industry undertaking to assess the value of software designed specifically for enabling Agent Performance Management.

This Ventana Research Value Index is an analytic representation of our assessment of how well vendors' offerings meet buyers' requirements for software that enables and supports Agent Performance Management. The Index evaluates the software in the context of seven key categories. Five are product-related: adaptability, manageability, reliability, usability and functionality. In addition, we considered two customer assurance categories: total cost of ownership and return on investment, and validation. To assess functionality we applied the Ventana Research Agent Performance Management evaluation framework which examines the operational and performance activities and processes in organizations.

While there are dozens of analyst reports with varying types of charts that proclaim leaders, we have found little substantive research as other analyst firms lack context, which isn't surprising as they service only IT organizations and do not research, serve or in fact have experience in business or sales organizations. Also, in light of the fact that many factors, among them a company's purchasing history, personal connections and vendor biases, can cloud the objectivity of acquisition assessments. We offer this research as impartial and authoritative; any organization looking to assess, validate and improve its Agent Performance Management investments and technology should utilize the Value Index, and the research on which it is based, as a key part of its evaluation process.

The technology vendors assessed in the 2012 Value Index for Agent Performance Management are: Aspect, CallCopy, Enkata, Envision, Genesys, inContact, KnoahSoft, LiveOps, NICE Systems, OnviSource, Verint, VPI.

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