2015 Technology Innovation Awards
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The Technology Innovation Awards distinguish pioneers that have developed clear visionary and transformative technology. The Technology Innovation Awards showcase what technology vendors have done to advance the computing potential of their applications and technology so that it can be used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as the outcomes and performance of an organization.

The Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards cover 26 business and technology categories and are open for organizations across business and IT, technology vendors and consulting firms. Submissions are evaluated based on the stringent guideline set out by awards program criteria.

Award recipients will receive the awards via the Ventana Research 2015 Web Announcement. All winners and 2015 Technology Innovation Awardsfinalists will be recognized and the award recipients will receive a prestigious award from Ventana Research. 

"The Technology Innovation Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards provided today that acknowledge and honor the technology that matters most to business and IT and recognize technology innovations that do the most to improve productivity and outcomes," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research

officer of Ventana Research. "Congratulations to all the Technology Innovation Award winners – companies that have gone the extra mile to contribute the advancements and milestones that matter the most to the future of the technology industry."

The annual Technology Innovation Awards are delivered by the Ventana Research team, which through its benchmark research, on-demand advisory and education continues to pioneer new methods for organizations to become efficient and effective in their business. As part of the scoring process and methodology, Ventana Research examined the submissions to evaluate the technology innovative approach but also how it applies to the people, processes, information and technology, the best practices it support, the degree of team involvement and the technologies business impact and value.

The Technology Innovation Awards have top awards for Overall Business, Operational and IT technology innovation and individual awards in four overall categories spanning from Business Technology, Business, Operational and IT.


The 2015 Ventana Research Innovation Award Winners were: 


Overall Business Technology Innovation Award:


Business Technology Innovation Awards


Business Innovation Awards


Operational Innovation Awards


CIO/IT Innovation Award


Information Technology Innovation Awards

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